In 2018, Brussels Airlines was awarded Best Transatlantic Airline by US magazine Global Traveler, the most respected magazine for frequent travelers. That recognition didn’t quite come as a surprise.

For over eighty years, Belgium’s flag carrier has been connecting Europe, North America and Africa. With a spotless record, the company is favored among seasoned travelers. Countless competitors rely on the airline’s services on airports around the globe. Brussels airlines built a reputation on high-end hospitality, extreme customer care and overall being a company with a heart. Where other airlines are cost-cutting, the Belgian mogul still goes the extra mile.

In 2016, the North American branch of the company reached out to Kitchen with a request for a short, in-house video to highlight these services that other carriers were lacking. As Belgian-natives, we’ve been flying with Brussels Airlines for years. When a brand you love reaches out, it feels a bit like being invited backstage to meet the band.


The assignment was small and the budget limited, so we decided to work with animation and do some magic with the well-known tagline, “We Go the Extra Smile”. At the time, the sentence was shown for three seconds during the onboard presentation video, and was just that: a sentence without much meaning. What we did, was identifying what was behind that smile: what reasons was the company offering for that smile?

The result was a 3-minute video with a thirty-second tagline with a simple roll-over effect.

This small assignment turned into a trusted relationship between Brussels Airlines’s North America branch and Kitchen NY in 2017, and one we’re proud of. Congratulations to the entire Lufthansa Group! An award well deserved!

While flying Brussels Airlines, you can still enjoy one of our creations in the Inflight Entertainment. Look for Belgium-ettes.

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