Legion Paper, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fine art paper, asked us to design new packaging for their master and product brands.  After careful revision, we insisted that a full renewal of brand architecture was needed to freshen things up, and lift the brand to a new era.

Our most important question was: how to put this brand in the spotlight? At the same time, we wanted to move away from the traditional clutter of conventional pads, and aim to make Legion’s products stand out in large displays. We dissected all layers until we got to the core, and even there, we questioned everything, from the client’s brand mark to the tagline.

Building on our new tagline “We Are Paper”, we started playing with the idea to give the paper human-like qualities: what if the paper could talk? What would it say? What if it could walk? Where would it go?


Our final proposal was simple: a neat design with varnish text in which the paper presents its essential qualities to both novice and professional artists. The Legion team didn’t feel too comfortable. But this direction felt too good to throw away. Even though we understood it was a big leap for the company to take, we convinced them to reconsider, to choose a revolution instead of an evolution.

Our effort – and bold move - was immediately rewarded. Per tradition, Legion Paper chose to unveil its new products at the annual Arts Material World event organized by art materials institute NAMTA. During this five-day event in Houston, Texas, we won Best Packaging Award. Enter any fine arts material shop today, and you’ll find Legion paper standing out in the displays.


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2019 © Kitchen

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